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          EnglishStrokes is designed to let you have lots of fun and learn along the way. You will find a variety of listening activities, video content, games, conversations, cricketing facts, fun tasks and language exercises. You can also listen to anecdotes from some of your favourite cricket players, learn more about their profiles and watch them in action!

EnglishStrokes will help you with all your English skills. You will have a learning experience built around interesting animations, and you will have a chance to actively use and improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

The course includes continuous assessment, measurement of progress and leads to a course completion certificate.

Get Started

Welcome to the EnglishStrokes course! In this section, you can register to access the course and also find out about how to use the website, how your course is organised and how to learn online. The course follows a progress route from Beginner to Advanced with 10 units at each level.

Step 1: Get started with a game to find out your English level. Just play the game, answer some questions and we will tell you which level to start at.

Step 2: Register and make payment.

Step 3: Start at Unit 1 and work your way through each unit before moving to the next level. You can review your progress at any stage by checking the dashboard.

Here are some tips that will help you make your online learning more effective… :

1. Think about how often and for how long you can study online.

We recommend you visit the website three or four times a week to study. Each time, try to study for 30 – 40 minutes. It’s best to study frequently for short periods. This helps you to remember new words and grammar.

2. Your study schedule

If possible it’s a good idea to study at regular times. Try to study in a quiet place without any distractions. You study better when you feel relaxed and when you’re not too tired.

3. Remembering new words

  • Go to the Grammar and vocabulary sections. Review the grammar videos as often as necessary and repeat the activities until you get all the answers right – this will help you understand and remember the concepts. You can complete these exercises as many times as you like.
  • Keep a record of new words as you see them. Write the words in a vocabulary book or in a Word document. Always write the new word in a full sentence.
  • A fun way to remember words is to label things around your home.

4. Learning Grammar

Many students think that grammar is the most important part of a new language. Grammar is important but words are important too. As you work through this section try to give equal importance to new words and new grammar.

As you study English grammar try to think how it’s different from the grammar of your language. This can help you to remember English grammar.

5. Pronunciation

There are also lots of short conversations to listen to. As you work through the material you’ll get used to the sounds of English. There may be some sounds in English that don’t exist in your language. Don’t worry! You’ll soon get used to recognising and using them correctly.

Content is King

                               Our motto is simple “content is king” and we are here to provide you with the best learning experience on the planet. Our course content is completely unique and easy to follow. We have combined years of research to bring to you the easiest way to learn English – through the medium of Cricket.

Interactive Learning

                            English strokes focuses on making your learning experience interactive. We make your learning as interactive as possible by providing you with what it takes to learn and master English. It doesn’t matter whether you are just beginning to learn English or you have already tried other English courses, when you start learning on English strokes you will learn what it takes to become a master in spoken English.

Unique activities and exercises

                               When you learn on, it’s not just learning; we also allow you to “play” so that you can master all aspects of the English language, especially the finer nuances. We provide hours of special activities and games that will help you get an all-round education, allowing you to evolve like complete cricketers who have been put through their paces.

Learn with Kris Srikanth

                       When you enrol on one of our courses, you automatically get the chance to learn with Kris Srikkanth – former Indian cricket captain and chairman of selectors of the world cup winning team. Kris will take you on a remarkable journey that will not only give you the skills to learn English, but also be a great experience which will leave you wanting more.

Learn at your own pace

                 We, unlike our competitors, do not enforce any particular time frame within which you have to complete our courses. We are here to make sure you learn English the right way. And what better way to do that than making you comfortable with our courses. You can take your time to master English. And once you’ve done that, go out there and beat the competition in your field.

Learn from the Best

The British Council is the world’s largest and most reputable English training institution. They have over 80 years experience in English language training, so what better way to learn than having the best of the both world’s – cricket and English!

Why Learn English

Why Learn English
A recent report in the Times of India stated that those who speak English fluently can earn 34% more than others. We want to accompany you on this journey to fulfil your dreams by helping you improve your English! You will be able to actively use and improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.
Whatever your professional aspirations are, English is a key success factor in today’s business world! We can give you the confidence and skills you need to communicate effectively.
This course can speed up your learning by:
  • Making you an active learner with engaging and interactive activities
  • Keeping you entertained with the storyline, apart from audio and video materials
  • Keeping track of your progress

Learn English the easy way

Learning English has never before been so easy! EnglishStrokes brings together English and Cricket in the form of an online course so that you can turn your love of cricket into success in learning English – word by word, stroke by stroke! Animations, videos, games and activities make learning engaging and fun.
  • Learn Grammar through interesting movies, conversations and activities.
  • Take quizzes and even learn vocabulary.
  • Listen to some interesting anecdotes from cricketers, answer a few questions and continue the journey of learning English. In addition, interesting Infographics help you know more about countries, places, sports-related activities and more…
  • Learn phrases and terms used in cricket, while also getting to know the sport.

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